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Is it good to cut your hair on a new moon?

People are searching on the internet for hair growth tricks these days a lot because most of today’s generation youngsters get heavy hair fall. There are so many reasons for hair fall in general but cutting your hair can rejuvenate your hair strands and help them in growing more than before. Because of this, most people are cutting their hair but some people having trust in cutting hair on a new moon day can make them stronger and encourage their growth even more. This concept is not new at all they are there from the ancient days but how much it is true and they are a fact, to get to know all about these things go for the below content which explains you and convey the answer for all your doubts.

How about cutting hair on full moon day?

moon is at in the zodiacLike astrology, you can also find the hairstrology and that completely indicates about your hair. Before having the hair cut you can take a look at the lunar calendar which has the special dates for cutting your hair. Most people don’t have a belief in this concept but everything that has been said by the ancient peoples has some scientific reason don’t forget to think about it. Even some of the studies have proved that the moon not only has a direct pull on tides it also on various living things on the earth and that also includes the hair.

Generally, the farmers plan to plant their crops based on these lunar calendars and when you get to hear about it you can get questioned why. Because they believe that the moon can complement some of the good things. Usually, the lunar calendars for farmers are based on the moon phases that are where the moon is at in the zodiac, and few other factors. So trimming your hair can on these days pull your hair stronger? When you are cutting your hair thereby you are removing the dead ends and by this, you can keep your hair in a healthy state. In this case, you can make use of those zodiac signs and moon complements to pull the things into earth’s natural elements and by this, you can strengthen the root and growth of your hair as well as the plant. This is the reason why it is said to be cut your hair based on the lunar calendar.

Final thoughts

Even though it is a new age most of the experts and professionals believe in the lunar calendar while cutting the hair and they are very sure about the pros of having cut hair on a new moon.

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