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How to use nettle to stimulate hair growth?

If the hair is your main concern and you are looking to encourage your hair growth further, there come the natural products. Of course, there are millions of hair products in the market but you cannot believe all of those encouraging your hair growth. In that case, you can keep your trust in natural products like the nettle. Most people don’t even have heard about the nettle but if your hair and health are your concern get to know about these stinging nettles because they are rich in vitamins and minerals and it can boost and enhance the health as well as the hair.

Here are the ways for using nettle to stimulate hair growth, go through and start using it by now;

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Applying nettle to hair

If you are a lazy one and looking for a simple way to apply the nettle on your hair here are the steps to apply them. Take one tablespoon of dried nettle powder and mix them with the chamomile flowers dried and a teaspoon of dried sage leaves, now to get them to the condition to apply on your hair add a cup of water to it. Then apply it to your hair and allow them to settle on your hair for at least 30 minutes after that you can rinse your hair. By this you can enhance the hair growth and able to get darker hairs.

Nettle tea

Another simple way to use the nettle is you can have them with your tea. To make the nettle tea the thing you have to do is put 4 leaves of nettle or 1 full tablespoon of dried nettle powder in the hot water along with the herbal tea powder. Then after leaving it for boiling and then strain and have it. The taste makes you astonishing at the same time it boost up immune status and encourage your hair growth.


Nettle tablets or salads

Now you can buy these nettles in the tablet forms and you can buy them easily from the stores. More to it you can have it through your salad but don’t have the raw leaves, have it after dried or cooked.

Final thoughts

There are so many benefits of nettle for hair loss that you can get to enjoy using them. So get to know about the effective way to use it and the benefits you gain from it.

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