gray hair is normal

The major cause of gray hair

Getting gray hair is a very common thing when you are getting old but the same thing becomes an uncommon thing when you are getting it at your young age. Now a day you can see most of the youngsters having gray hairs, do you ever think of reasons for those gray hair in young age. If not get to think and know of it, this article explains to you the common causes of premature white hair issues at a young age.

Getting gray hair is normal?

In common the hair looks black or brown, melanin is a kind of pigment which is present in your hair follicles, and that decides the color of your hair either black or brown. But when this melanin production get reduces beyond a particular level there your hair get starts to fade become gray. Getting the gray hair is normal in above 50 but getting it in 20 is not normal but through restoring the pigmentation of the melanin. But to make it possible you should get to know the key causes of having gray hair, so get to know the reason for your gray hair.

Causes for gray hair

Everyone knows that something is passed to the next generation genetically, the gray can also be in your genetics. In that case, when your parents or grandparents had gray hair at their young age you can also get at your young age. In case, if it causes an uncomfortable feeling you can better color your hair.

Auto-immune disorder or thyroid

The auto-immune disease and hypo or hyperthyroidism can also cause gray hair formation at a young age. In an auto-immune disorder, your immune system attacks your hair cells and causes loss of pigment.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are a most essential component of the human body in that case when there is no enough vitamin content you may get gray hairs at your young age.

disorder or thyroid


Stress has become a very common thing among this generation people, from the children to the old citizens everyone having certain kinds of stress relevant to their stage. In this case, when this stress level goes beyond the limit that can express you through certain changes one among those changes is gray hair.

Final thoughts

Having gray hair at a young age also becomes a common thing but when you having it get to know the causes for it to find a way to overcome it.

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